A hollow’s roar;

Tapping his pen against the seemingly blank page in his notebook, the Quincy’s eyes silently glanced down at the lined paper with boredom as his narrowed gaze remained calm. Sighing, a small breath escaped parted lips as a pale hand reached up to adjust his glasses. Allowing the writing utensil to slip through thin fingers; he dropped the pen onto the page as he leaned back in his seat. 

Draping an arm over the back of his chair, the archer looked up to the circular clock above him— watching as the hands of time moved with each distinct ’click’-ing sound which echoed throughout the empty room. He was sitting in the library, well passed late afternoon, trying to write up some notes for a classmate who had missed nearly half of the school year. Although he had been reluctant to do so, the female had pleaded with him— thus, eventually making him give in. He supposed it was for the best, really. With exams nearing their ugly head in, the female would need all the information she could get, plus more— even if the majority of it would be coming from Uryu’s intellectual mind. 

Clicking his tongue, the Quincy slowly sat up in his seat as he reached for his bag. Leaning over his chair, he placed one hand on the desk in front of him as he grasped the material handle and lifted the item onto his lap. Deciding that, three notebooks and a half filled with information would suffice; he began to pack up the remaining items that he had laid out on the desk— one by one, placing them neatly into individual sleeves in his bag. Zipping the item up afterwards, Uryu stood; adjusting his frames once more, despite the fact they did not need adjusting— and pushing out his chair. 

Stepping around the table, he slid his palm along the back of the chair and pushed it in afterwards— waiting for other students who were probably catching up on some rather late studying as well, to pass him— before making his way towards the library’s door to exit the building. 

Upon placing his hand on the door handle— Ishida froze for a moment. Feeling the familiar build of a hollow’s reiatsu; the teen’s eyes slowly narrowed as his fingers wrapped around the handle and clenched tightly. He supposed it had been too quiet in Karakura town lately— seeing as hollows had stopped appearing. Really, he should have expected this; seeing it was only a matter of time before the monsters began to appear once more.

Gritting his teeth, glasses shone as the light of the sun’s rays caught their frame-less form. Brows knitting together as the male’s eyes narrowed, he slowly pushed open the door as he began to step out into the cool, June air and drape his bag over his shoulder. He supposed it had been too long since he had felt the rush of driving an arrow through a bone mask, or driving multiple arrows through flesh and what could only be described as death. 

Closing his eyes, he waited for people to pass him on the street; waiting, preparing himself to use Hirenkyaku so he could destroy the demon which was now lurking around his home.

Yes, it had been far too long since he had done this. It wouldn’t take long.

17 June 2012
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